The experience and expertise that have always set us apart are the result of our Company’s continuous development, which has distant origins in time and space: the first PASI instruments were born in India in the 40s, in the large Geophysical Survey laboratory of Calcutta, where Applied Geophysics took its first steps thanks to the talent of an Italian, Angelo Del Carlo, a true pioneer of modern electronics.

But it wasn’t until Turin in 1956, at the historic headquarters of Via Goito 8, that the company PASI - Products and Equipment Science and Industry took shape. Davide and Luca Del Carlo took up their father’s legacy and began to develop instrumentation for earth sciences and well surveys, specialising more and more in this extremely demanding niche sector.

In 2000, the international turning point: the new headquarters in Via Galliari 5 in Turin finally opened its doors to the diffusion of PASI products abroad, while in Italy our long collaboration with the Swiss company Proceq began: a world leader in the non-destructive testing of building materials.



Since then, we have continued to work hard in this direction: PASI instruments sold worldwide are themselves the best advertising a manufacturer could wish for: satisfied customers are our best calling card, especially when they become a source of inspiration for continuous improvement.

Field instrumentation must be reliable and robust, but geophysical measurements also require precision and repeatability. The continuous evolution of electronics and the experience of our developers, together with our competent technical-commercial staff, allows us to design and implement state-of-the-art instruments, without ever losing sight of a main objective: to create quality instruments, maintaining a sale price that can also be met by single professionals or small-medium service companies.



Taking up the challenge of the global market, we hope to continue to improve our visibility among professionals in the sector. Building on the different needs of our customers all around the world, we want to listen to your requests and always find new inspiration from those who, like yourself, are on the front lines every day.

If the environmental future of our planet requires even more attention, we want to create instruments that can give us all answers, from single professionals to large consulting companies.

We promise you that we will keep working with the same curiosity and love for new technologies that have always set us apart.


the team


for you


Laura Poppi - Geophysical sales manager 

Bogdan Nistor - NTD sales manager 

Cecilia Dorrity - Italy/Foreign Shipping Coordinator 

Gabriele Calabrese - R&D Coordinator

Osvaldo Pirchio - Technical Hardware & Software Support 

Amina Pasovich - Administration


Company partners

Luca Del Carlo - Partner

Davide Del Carlo - Partner, Sole director