well inspection

well inspection

Pasi Instruments for groundwater measurements for well surveys

A complete range of water level indicators for immediate control of the groundwater level. To complete surveys in wells, it is useful to measure parameters such as the conductivity and the temperature of the water, check the sedimentation inside the extraction system with a downhole gauge, identify the water/oil interface and the supernatant or subnatant presence. 
Finally, when a visual inspection is required inside the well to check the conditions of the casing, our compact Well Cameras are ready for use in just a few simple steps and are easily transportable even in areas with limited accessibility.

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Always one of the flagships of PASI, water level surveys are piezometric level meters for liquids (usually water), intended for quick checks inside wells and tanks by a single operator. This portable instrument, easy-to-use and to maintain, is ideal for monitoring changes in groundwater level within piezometric tubes, and often used as a first control downstream of dams, in the areas surrounding landfills and in areas where there is strong groundwater extraction. This well level measuring tool is indispensable for monitoring wells for water and checking for possible contamination within groundwater in the ground at different depths and crossed by the same extraction system. In addition, it can also be interesting to be able to measure the temperature and conductivity of the water itself inside the well, or to take a sample with a special bailer sampler. Similarly, in alluvial soils, it will be important to periodically check the downhole level, at the base of which finer sediments not retained by the casings can accumulate. Some models also include a hook accessory for a bailer sampler, in order to complete your well inspection with a check of the water chemical components. 


available instruments

  • BFK series water level indicator - level measuring - round centimetric cable
  • BFK_FF series water level indicator - level measuring + downhole - round centimetric cable
  • BFM series water level indicator - level measuring - flat millimetric cable
  • BFM- FF series water level indicator - level measuring + downhole - flat millimetric cable
  • WMS-02 series water level indicator - level and temperature measuring
  • WMS-LTC series hole conductivity meter - level, temperature and conductivity measurement