PET (Pile Echo Tester)

    non-destructive testing > pile echo testing

To test a pile, the user strikes its head with the lightweight hammer. The digital accelerometer captures and analyses the reflected wave and provides information on the length and shape of the pile.
PET’s user-friendly software makes it possible to master the system in a single day. PET includes a number of special software functions such as software-suggested wave velocity, Smart Trigger™ for the elimination of anomalies, one-touch controls for the scale, amplification, and filtering.
The USB version can be connected to any laptop/Tablet PC Windows. The Bluetooth version can also be connected to any Android device. Can also be used by a single operator; PET guarantees excellent signal quality and can streamline measurement and data return times thanks to its advanced software. 
PET is compliant with standard ASTM D5882-16.


Industrial transducer with protective casing in stainless steel and aluminium

Dimensions: : 30 mm diameter x 90 mm length

Weight: 120 g (transducer); 2.3 kg (complete kit)

Temperature range (°C): from -20 to +55 (in operation), from -40 to +80 (storage)


Length of test piles: from 2 m to 80 m (depending on the diameter and stratigraphic succession of the soil)

Productivity: in favourable conditions, an operator is able to test up to 100 piles per day

Data storage capacity: unlimited