non-destructive testing > concrete self potential and electrical resistivity testing

Resipod is extremely accurate, fast, user friendly, robust and waterproof, designed to operate in demanding site environments.
Based on the Wenner probe method, Resipod measures the electrical resistivity of concrete and rock. A current is applied to the two external electrodes and the difference in potential between the two internal electrodes is measured; from the ddp value, we can calculate the resistivity: ρ= 2πaV/l [kΩcm].


Measuring range: from 1 to 1000 kΩcm (depending on probe spacing)

Quantity measured: electrical resistivity [kΩcm]

Precision: from ±0,2 to ±2 kΩcm ((depending on probe spacing)

Instrument firmware

Maximum resolution available for a surface resistivity measuring instrument

Indication of current flow and open contact

Freeze, storage and cancellation function

Flexible features for mapping of any irregular geometry

Improved digital filters remove the effects of external disturbances (civil and industrial electrical networks)

Ability to create customised test reports with exported graphs and diagrams