non-destructive testing > concrete self potential and electrical resistivity testing

Profometer Corrosion measures the difference in electrical potential between the rebar and the surface of the concrete in order to identify the areas with the highest risk of corrosive in progress. Different types of rod and wheel electrodes are available. The combination with wheel electrodes (exclusive Proceq) allows for testing of large surfaces in a short time with maximum efficiency. Profometer Corrosion is compatible with electrodes from the previous Proceq Canin model and with most electrodes on the market.


Measuring range: from-999 to +999 mV

Quantity measured: corrosion potential [mV]

Precision: ±1 mV

Available upgrades: to Profometer 6 cover meters

Instrument firmware

Intuitive user-friendly interface for data acquisition

Optimised workflow for rod and wheel measurements

Customisable text can be entered for any specific locations

Flexible features for mapping of any irregular geometry

Improved digital filters remove the effects of external disturbances (civil and industrial electrical networks)

Ability to create customised test reports with exported graphs and diagrams