non-destructive testing > rebar locator, concrete cover measuring, rebar mapping

The Profometer 6 range includes:

  • Profometer 600: basic version, simply works in locator mode and allows the statistical display of the data;
  • Profometer 630AI: advanced version with active odometer for distance measurement, acquires real profiles with the new Single-Line, Multi-Line and Area Scan modes; in addition, it has extensive statistical functions for displaying the acquired data;
  • Profometer 650AI: "top" version, adds Cross-Line scanning for two-dimensional display of rebar geometry by combining scans in the X and Y directions.
  • The Profometer Link PC tool supplied is included in the price with all the versions. It transfers all the functions of the instrument onto the PC to create the highest quality reports. Possibility of editing acquisition parameters in case of setting errors, avoiding the need to repeat the measurement on site.


Concrete cover thickness measuring range: Up to 185 mm

Concrete cover thickness measuring accuracy: from ± 1 to 4 mm, depending on the concrete cover

Path measuring accuracy on smooth surface: ± 3mm + from 0.5 to 1.0% of measured length

Diameter measuring range: up to 63 mm

Diameter measuring accuracy: ± 1 nominal size

Available upgrades: from Profometer 600 to Profometer 630AI to Profometer 650 AI / all models can be upgraded to Profometer Corrosion

Instrument firmware

One-layer NRC (Neighboring Rebar Correction)

Concrete cover calibration

Display of concrete cover curves or signal intensity curves

Signal strength spectrum for further evaluation

Settings directly accessible on the measurement touchscreen

Change settings before and after storage