non-destructive testing > rebar locator, concrete cover measuring, rebar mapping

Profometer series cover meters immediately locate rebars and measure concrete covers. Once the instrument has been positioned in the optimal position, you can also obtain a diameter estimate with a simple click.
The optical and acoustic rebar proximity indicators are very useful, in addition to the assisted detection function on the integrated display.
Thanks to the ProfoLink software, the Profoscope+ model lets you save data and transfer it to a PC for subsequent reporting. 


Concrete cover thickness measuring range: up to 185 mm

Concrete cover thickness measuring accuracy: from ± 1 to 4 mm, depending on the concrete cover

Diameter measuring range: up to 64 mm

Diameter measuring accuracy: ± 1 nominal size

Available upgrades: from Profoscope to Profoscope+


Instrument firmware

One-layer NRC (Neighboring Rebar Correction)

Real-time visualization of the rebars beneath the instrument

Visual indication of rebars in close proximity

Identification of the mid-point between rebars as well as the orientation of rebars

Optical and acoustic signalling of the position of the bars and warning in case of minimum concrete cover

Neighbouring bar correction

Switchable display backlight for dark environments

Start-up test kit allows user to familiarize on all functions in a comfortable environment, wasting no time on site

Fully-graphic, language independent interface