non-destructive testing >monitoring on-site vibrations

VMS-4000 is Thomas Instruments' answer to building site needs: it is an extremely compact vibration monitor, made up of a central unit with display, a triaxial geophone (nat.freq. 4.5Hz) and a microphone for measuring the shot in the air.

Thanks to the Seisware software supplied, you can get an immediate report with all useful information, for immediate interpretation.

A printer and external strobe light are also available as accessories. 


Dislpay: 128x64 Pixel, graphic LCD 

Seismic resolution: 0.03175 mm/s 

Acoustic resolution: 1db 

Sampling interval: 1024 camp./sec

Frequency response: da 2 a 350Hz (-3dB) 

Geophone: : Triaxial, natural frequency 4.5 Hz

Microphone: : 100, 105,110,115,120,125 o 129 dB


Seismic range: 0-288.6 mm/s

Acoustic range: 86-141 dB

Mode: recording of multiple events with complete waveforms

Recording duration: from 1 to 10 sec / pre-trigger 0.5 sec

Data transfer: USB