Applications >non-destructive testing, ultrasonic surveys

PUNDIT LAB/PUNDIT LAB+, uses two Tx/Rx transducers to perform measurements for direct, semi-direct and surface transmission. The combined definition of the rebound hammer index and the velocity of the ultrasounds is the premise for use of the SONREB type algorithm, able to estimate the resistance of the concrete with errors that can fall below 10%.

With manual entry of the Rebound Index, Pundit Lab+ allows calculation of the SONREB module based on curves customised by the user.


Measuring range More than 1m depending on concrete quality

Bandwidth From 20 to 500 kHz

Technology Ultrasonic pulse velocity

Measuring resolution 0,1 us

Pulse Voltage UPV From 125 to 500 V

Receiver gain 1x, 10x, 100x, AUTO, Pundit Lab+ up to 1000x

Transducer frequency 24 – 500 kHz

Pulse shape Square Wave

Number of channels 1

Instrument firmware

Open interface

Integrated amplifier gain stage (Pundit Lab+ only)

Real time stamp (Pundit Lab+ only)