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The P200 energizer is the perfect energy source for VES in direct current. Connect to an external 12V battery* to supply from 20V to 200V supply, max 1A, in direct current.  Up to 5 units can be connected in series to the same appropriate capacity external battery*. 

Designed to complete the RM1 earth resistivity meter, the P200 is compatible not only with all PASI previous models (16GL, 16GL-N, etc.), but also with groundwater detector of other brands.

(*external 12V battery supplied by the Customer)


Output voltage adjustable from 20-200 V

Guaranteed output current 1 A max.

Indication of battery charge on three levels

Electronic protection against current overload, self-resetting

Electronic protection against short circuits, self-resetting

LED warning light and electronic block

External battery charger connector protected against polarity inversions

Possibility of serialization of multiple modules (max 5 units)

PELI box dimensions: 27x24x10.5 cm

Weight: 2.7 kg