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The Isotta energizer is recommended for seismic reflection data acquisition. It is made up of a stainless steel cylindrical body, with a front section that may be unscrewed (cartridge chamber), suitable to contain an 8-bore blank cartridge, or industrial type, easily found in gun shops). This cartridge chamber is without barrel, thus permitting the axial ejection of the energy wave, caused by the explosion of the cartridge, generating type 'p' (longitudinal) and type 's' (transversal) waves. 
For correct, safe use of the instrument, make a 30-40 cm deep borehole in the ground using the hand drill supplied with the instrument.

This equipment, classified by the Italian Ministry of the Interior as a "work tool", is exempted from regulation for the possession and use of weapons and can therefore be used without weapons licence.



Classification: Work tool for seismic data acquisition (seismic reflection and refraction)

Barrel material: Stainless steel 

Cartridge type: 8-bore cartridges for industrial use

Generated waves: P(longitudinal), S (transversal) 

Accessories supplied: drill for pre-hole, anchor plate, carrying bag, certificate of classification as a work tool.