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Versatile, user friendly instrument, designed to "trigger" the acquisition of the seismograph via radio, transmitting in the free European band 869.4 - 869.65 MHz (free use license - exempt from government taxes).

Especially practical for long distance (in particular for seismic tomography); it avoids spreading the trigger extensions in the site: the basic system consists of a Tx transmitter (which connects to the piezoelectric trigger or the starter geophone) and a Rx receiver (which instead connects to the seismograph). As for the use of any portable transceiver, the radio trigger and its antenna must be positioned correctly to ensure optimal operation (open spaces and free from obstacles, conditions of visibility between transmitter and receiver, etc.).


Radio transmission: up to 3 km in favourable conditions 

Transmission bandwidth: European 869.4-869.65MHz (free use license) 

Number of channels: 7 channels that can be selected by the user, multi-receiver mode

Compatibility: with all PASI seismographs; recommended for seismic tomography and reflection spreading with more than 24 geophones  

Input signal: Piezoelectric trigger, starter geophone, TTL signal, Open circuit, Closed circuit 

Trigger indication: High-intensity LED 

Power supply: Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery, Micro USB interface for charging 

TX power: 21-27dBm

Dimensions: Tx & Rx: 63mm x 36mm x 140mm (antenna not incl.) Carrying case: 258mm x 243mm x 117.5mm - IP67 

Radio trigger especially practical for long distance (in particular for seismic tomography