Measuring instruments, geophysical instruments


Together with the geologist´s hammer, a geological compass is an indispensable tool for getting started with any investigation on the ground. A geological compass, which must always feature a sight, flat side edge, level and clinometer, allows geologists to collect essential information which – transferred onto a detailed topographic map - enables the geological survey of an area. Progress has been made in recent years in geo-referencing of field measurements thanks to GPS (Global Positioning System), with which it is possible to ¨mark¨ points of measurement on digital topographic maps quickly, economically and efficiently, added increasingly precise, accurate date to technical reports. A pocket GPS is now an indispensable tool for orientation and navigation, for geo-referencing points in the field, for memorising waypoints and routes and for calculating distances and areas automatically. Further information may be collected from the ground by the geologist performing geomechanical tests on the surface layer of the ground under consideration using pocket vane testers and pocket penetrometers. Finally, to complement the traditional range of PASI products, let us look at the micropaleontology sector. We have always offered universities, research centres and oil companies around the world our micropaleontology slides: samples of microfossils be conveniently catalogued and collected using the different models available and the handy slide-holder trays.