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Water Multiline

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The new multi-parameter systems with intelligent, digital sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity measurement revolutionize multi-parameter measurement:
The signal processing is completely located in the sensor, and the measuring signal is transmitted to the meter without interference and in a clearly identifiable manner via thin, highstrength cables. A wide range of sensors are available for virtually every application.
The MultiLine® meters are in a class of their own:
 3 models with one, two or three universal channels measure every parameter either sequentially or simultaneously. Every model possesses a brilliant color graphic display, two USB interfaces (USB-A and Mini-USB), and rechargeable batteries that can be charged directly in the device.

Available models:

One – Multi 3410:  one channel - three parameters
Two – Multi 3420:  two channels - three parameters
Three – Multi 3420:  three chanels - three parameters