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Noise e vibrations meters Ga113

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The Castle SONUS is a new range of pocket meters designed for ease of use with the power the cover the work you need, from Noise at Work measurements to Environmental monitoring. The SONUS sound level meters are split into a range of meters to suit specific needs.

Different models are split into 3 variations – Basic, Integrating and Logging – with an option for a Class 1 or Class 2 meter. Each model is packed with features designed to help you get the measurements you need, from basic sound level meter to a full logging integrating sound meter.

The Basic SONUS model, the GA116B or GA216B, gives simultaneous sound pressure level (Lp), max (Lmax) and peak (Cpeak) measurements for initial spot-check assessments for Noise at Work Regulations and is designed for engineers and industrial safety officers and anyone with a need for simple and accurate sound measurements.

The Integrating SONUS, GA116I or GA216I, adds further functions and measurement parameters including Lep'd and Dose enabling the sound meter to also double as a dosemeter. The meter is ideal for Industrial Safety Officers and Safety Managers and can be used for Health and Safety at Work Act; Noise Regulations 1989. The GA116I gives all the required information for Noise at Work risk assessments.

Completing the SONUS range of sound level meters, the GA116L and GA216L are full data logging instruments, capable of measuring Ln and Le parameters while also adding an Exposure Calculation to the dosemeter measurements. With an additional real-time clock and USB connection to the dBdataPro analysis software the data logging meters can store data and give you the results in a format to suit.

The SONUS range of pocket sound level meters have replaced the former Castle Sound Level Meters GA208, GA214, GA213, GA215, GA113, GA110, GA111 and GA210.