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Rebound Hammer PaperSchmidt

category:Non destructive testing / Rebound Hammer
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The PaperSchmidt is the first rebound hammer designed specifically for the testing of the roll profile. Extensive field tests carried out at major manufacturers and converters in the US and Europe have consistently shown that it provides previously unachievable accuracy and repeatability of the roll profile.

The instrument is fully compliant with the TAPPI T834 om-07 standard used in North America to regulate the test of the paper roll profile and it delivers instantly all of the key parameters required for assessing the quality the of paper roll. In addition to this the PaperSchmidt has an extended lifetime to cope with the heavy demands of the paper industry and dedicated tools, such as pre-defined tolerances that make assessing a roll profile a simple matter. 

The PaperSchmidt meets the customers' needs for a quick and reliable test of the roll profile.


  • It has a high compliance plunger and a revolutionary measurement principle that is
  • independent of the angle of impact. This gives the PaperSchmidt its “Best in Class”
  • performance for the test of the roll profile
  • The paper roll profile can be viewed directly on the integrated display.
  • The instrument provides an automatic calculation of the average paper roll
  • hardness, the range and standard deviation.
  • It can also be programmed to indicate immediately if pre-set max/min values of the
  • roll profile are exceeded.