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Exploration Seismograph GEA 3

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item:GEA 3
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Gea3 is a 24-bit real data acquisition seismograph in a waterproof container.
This small, extremely lightweight instrument is equipped with 3 channels+one displayable trigger channel and is the perfect solution for a variety of applications: 

  • DOWN-HOLE seismic measurements with the use of a 3D well geophone (such as PASI Mod.GFA or Mod.DHTG)
  • CROSS-HOLE seismic measurements combined with a 3D well geophone (such as PASI Mod.GFA or Mod.DHTG) and a P/S hole energizer
  • small-scale seismic refraction with surface geophones and 3-channel seismic cable
  • MASW and Vs30 profiles with a special triaxial geophone (like PASI Mod.3DLG - 2Hz)


Gea3, connected to a computer via USB interface, allows for the acquisition, saving and later data analysis directly from your computer by means of special supplied software.