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Schmidt OS-120PT

Rebound Hammer Schmidt OS-120PT

category:Non destructive testing / Rebound Hammer
item:Schmidt OS-120PT

The Schmidt OS-120 Pendulum Hammers are designed to test on softer material such as light weight concrete, gypsum boards, fresh concrete and the mortar of joints in brickwork. Their unique design allows easy to handle measurements on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Schmidt OS-120 is the only rebound hammer worldwide working with the pendulum system, thus it must not be loaded on the test surface. The larger plunger surface on the Schmidt OS-120PT allows tests on soft concrete starting with a compressive strength of 1 MPa.



Schmidt OS-120PT: Equipped with a larger plunger surface, it is especially designed to test on softer material such as light weight concrete, gypsum boards and on fresh concrete. It is often used to determine the right time to remove formwork.