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Exploration Seismograph ANTEO

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ANTEO is the expression of a new philosophy for a modular exploration seismograph.
The system consists of a single control & display unit (ANTEO CU) that works together one or more special cables (ANTEO AD6-x), each one with no.6x 24 bits A/D converters to be connected to any standard analogue geophone.

This means that your system can grow from 6 to any number of channels with the simple addition of more AD6-x cables, available with different geophone spacing according to your own requirements.
ANTEO CU will be able to manage your system from the first 6 channels to any number of channels you will buy in the future.

The other great advantage of ANTEO is that the signal is digitalized (24 bits) directly at the geophone output, always with the best Signal/Noise ratio, independently by the geophone cable length and by any environmental disturbance.

The digital signal is transmitted to the CU for display of all traces and the following data management. 

ANTEO CU can be positioned at any AD6-x connection along the spreading: it will automatically recognise and count all geophones, performing the geophone tests and assuring you everything is OK before you start the acquisition. The real time noise monitor function will allow you to choose the best moment to shot.


  • Modular system with unlimited number of channels
  • 24 bits A/D conversion at each geophone
  • SVGA Display 8” with LED backlight
  • Linux operating system
  • Geophones test (Impedance, Frequency, Dumping, Electric Noise)
  • Record length 25000 samples (6sec@0.125msec sampling interval)
  • Sampling interval from 0.016 to 62.5 ms (all channels)