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T3000 - serie multimeasure

Humidity and Temperature T3000 - serie multimeasure

category:Non destructive testing / Humidity and Temperature
item:T3000 - serie multimeasure


T3000 multifunction measuring meter


Whether you need to conduct analyses of supply and exhaust air flows, condensation, poor machine cooling, porous seals, climate fluctuations, heat build-up, excessively dry or damp materials or carry out leak detection on pressure tanks or line systems – both for preventive maintenance and building diagnostics and damage analysis – you can handle the most diverse tasks with a single measuring device!


T3000 – one device for (almost) all measuring tasks:


Wood moisture

Building moisture

Material moisture

Surface temperature

Wood temperature

Material temperature

Air temperature

Dew point

Absolute humidity

Mixing ratio

Gas temperature

Air flow rate

Trace gas leak detection