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Water Level indicator Mod.BFK-FF / level & bottom BFK-FF

category:Water level indicator / Water Level indicator Mod.BFK-FF / level & bottom
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Water level & downhole indicator with PVC rounded cable, four-conductors, with kevlar core and external anti-scratch protective film in transparent PUR 

− Available Cable length: 30m, 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m.
− Rounded cable diameter: 5 mm
− Graduation at 1 cm intervals (directly printed on the cable itself and protected by external anti-scratching    transparent polihuretane)
− Probe diameter: 25 mm
− Probe material: stainless steel and plastic
− Water level indication by both acoustic signal (buzzer) and RED LED
− Bottom indication by GREEN LED
− Sensibility adjustement through external potentiometer
− Cable reel in antishock PVC, with brake, probe support, painted iron frame
− Power supply through 9V battery (externally replaceable)