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Earth resistivity meter RM-1

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RM1 is a compact versatile earth resistivity meter with 24 bit data acquisition. All parameters in “stand alone” mode can easily be set using the console keyboard, even in harsh environmental conditions; connect the RM1 to your laptop via the dedicated acquisition software, and use the taylor-made measuring session (VES/ERT) to organize your in-field sessions quickly and efficiently. It is recommended, as to exploit its capabilities, to use it in conjunction with one or more P-200 energizers.


water surveys of the subsoil to shallow, medium and great depths
geological stratigraphy, landslide studies, etc.
groundwater contamination by salt water and / or pollutants
subsoil cavities detection
mining (sulphides, etc.)

Main Features:

24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC + oversampling for noise reduction
High resolution: 2nV - 1nA
A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) function with automatic setting of all acquisition parameters (V, I, Te, T0, Ti, etc.)
Standard deviation setting (σ) to optimize measurement accuracy and acquisition times
Internal > 5000 measurements (standard version)
Electrical Resistivity Tomography function (ERT) - 32 el. (optional)
USB data transfer
Internal battery autonomy: > 1300 continuous measurements (electrical tomography); more than 40h works in SEV mode
Power supply from external power bank (optional) or PC (via USB)
Automatic Filtering – oversampling – 50/60 Hz noise removal
Noise reduction with stacking and average of the acquired values
Autocalibration at start-up
Connects to any external energy source - max.1000V-1A (5A opt.)
Light compact PELI IP 67 case - 270x246x123mm - 2.9kg