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Energizer for Earth Resistivity Meters P-200

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The P-200 energizer is the perfect energy source for vertical sounding. Connect to an external 12V battery (not supplied), for a 20V to 200V supply, max 1A, in continuous current. 

Up to 5 units can be connected in series to the same external battery (not supplied) of appropriate capacity. 
Designed to complete the RM1 earth resistivity meter, the P200 is compatible with all P.A.S.I. geoelectrical instruments. 

Main features:

Output voltage from 20-200 V
Output current guaranteed 1000 mA
Indication of battery charge on three levels
Resettable electronic protection from current overload
Resettable electronic protection from short circuit
LED warning light and electronic block
Battery charger connector protected against polarity inversions
PELI box dimensions: 27x24x10,5 cm
Weight: 2,7 kg

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