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Humidity and Temperature Termoigrometri

category:Non destructive testing / Humidity and Temperature


The T210 is a professional hand-held instrument for building climate checks in living spaces, offices, production areas and storage rooms.


The T260 combines thermohygrometer, laser pyrometer and dew point alarm in just the one unit.

Three modes of operation and many measurement functions – all can be selected with only one hand using the thumbwheel - turn the T250 into a mobile measurement station in top pocket format:

In the TH mode the measuring instrument corresponds to the T200 and offers you all the functions of this thermohygrometer.

In the IR mode you can use the T250 as a laser pyrometer for surface temperature measurement with measurement location marking. In the upper measured value display the real time value is displayed continuously and in the lower measured value display either the corresponding minimum, maximum, average or “hold” value.

In the DP mode the dew point temperature and the surface temperature are displayed simultaneously in the well visible display