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SilverSchmidt - PCL

Rebound Hammer SilverSchmidt - PCL

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item:SilverSchmidt - PCL


The SilverSchmidt is the first integrated concrete test hammer featuring true rebound value and unmatched repeatability.  
Two factors contribute to the improved performance of this concrete test hammer over its predecessors: 

  • Velocity based detection of the rebound quotient
  • The lightweight hybrid design of the impact plunger is made from aerospace alloy, matched to the elastic properties of the concrete and equipped with a hardness steel cap

Concrete test hammer SilverSchmidt Type PC L

  • Impact energy (0.735 Nm) with PC communication, increased memory capacity and Hammerlink software
  • Use for concrete <10cm and fragile rocks
  • Measuring range: 10-100N/mm2