training, assistance, repair, rental

training, assistance, repair, rental

All the support you need

We have always believed that our work consists of trying to anticipate your requests, informing you in a tailor-made manner about the technical solutions most suited to your needs, explaining how to achieve the best performance from the equipment you have just purchased, offering you service that covers control, maintenance and state-of-the-art repair (hardware & firmware) or a qualified specialist when you need it most.



brochures, technical documentation, videos and firmware updates on instruments

The media library area contains technical data sheets, software updates, presentation and application videos, brochures and user manuals relating to the instruments we manufacture and those we sell.

If you would like further information on a specific topic, please don't hesitate to contact us.

service and repairs

Our laboratories are able to provide all-round technical assistance, solving any and all maintenance and calibration problems on our instrumentation: your technological investment will always be guaranteed over time, as is shown by the hundreds of customers around the world, who we have been assisting in their profession for decades. Our R&D team is made up exclusively of qualified personnel, true specialists in the sector who are dedicated to the development of increasingly reliable and high-performance products which are, at the same time, suitable for use in the most extreme environmental conditions, from the Poles to the Equator.

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training courses

free training courses

The purchase of complete PASI instrumentation includes a course included in the price. Our technicians will be at your disposal at our Turin office to explain how to get the best from your instrument and keep it in optimal working conditions, always ensuring the best performance.

advanced training courses

If the guide to use of your equipment is not enough, you can always request a course to meet your specific needs. PASI aids and accompanies you in implementing your first on-site sessions: a professional in the field, specialised in your application, will be at your disposal for all-around training (theory + practice + data processing). In all those situations in which greater interpretative experience is required, our PROCESSING TICKET formula can provide you with remote consultancy to speed up data processing, even in the most complex cases.

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